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California's Naturalized Parrots

Thirteen species of free-flying parrots can be found in the urban jungles of California. For information on their history, distribution, native status and more, click on a related link below.

Genus Amazona

Genus Aratinga

Genus Nandayus

Genus Brotogeris

Genus Psittacula


Don't miss this important study from
Defenders of Wildlife

This is one of the most detailed studies ever written on any illegal wildlife trade sector. It thoroughly analyzes the threat to Mexico's 22 parrot species posed by illegal trapping and proposes comprehensive policy solutions.


Range Expansion Map for the Yellow-chevroned Parakeet in Southern California




The California Parrot Project relies on public participation to document and monitor wild parrot
populations in California. If you have seen parrots in the wild, please take a few moments
to report your sighting using our online form. Your time and effort is greatly appreciated.
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